52/2013 Week 35

Nant Gwrtheyrn

Week 35 already and yet it hardly seems like yesterday that I was starting this years challenge, which, unfortunately, will be my last.

Nearly all of my photographs for Say It With A Camera are hosted on Flickr, with a few on Google+. At the end of this year I will be moving the hosting to Google+, mainly because Flickr in it’s new format no longer suits my needs. I find it unwieldy to use and now that my previous Pro Account has been terminated, the adverts are driving me crazy.

There will be no disruption, all that will happen is if you click on an image to see it in larger view or to download it, you will be directed to Google+, instead of Flickr.

You may have noticed that I have changed the brand name, (apparently I am a brand), from Mike Hardisty Photography to Say It With A Camera, which  serves two purposes.

One, Say It With A Camera is far more unique than Mike Hardisty, (there’s more than one of us), with photography tagged on the end. Two, I want to apply my values to everything I do, including clarity and consistency. Say It With A Camera  provides the clarity and consistency to my brand should I decide to sell my photographs.

After reading the Daily Post article Should Your Blog Be on Facebook, I decided that maybe mine should so I have created a Facebook page to take feeds from my blog as well as photographs and articles that won’t feature on Say It With A Camera


9 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 35

  1. I like this view very much. Part of an old fence fallen down over the boulders adds to the scene to lead the eye further.

    I am also fed up with Flickr and I’ve never gotten a pro account on purpose, They took away the views and some of my photos I liked to see which ones were getting the mosst views. I’ve not really worked at buiding up a following for it it too much work and there are some strange people on there. Also my work is only average at this point although if I had a better lens I could be up to snuff ( maybe) with the pet photos- I think. 🙂

    Aside from all the irrelevent info. Is your blog continuning or not?I was not quite understanding that.


    1. Hi Yvonne, my blog is definitely continuing, it’s just where the photos will be hosted that’s changing. I’ve never really used the space that WordPress gives us. I knew that eventually I would probably run out and also WordPress strips all the EXIF information, not good.

      The name change which I did a got few weeks back was really in response to the fact that there is a professional photographer with the same name as me. We weren’t in competition or anything like that but I felt it was better to establish a clear and concise brand name, hence Say It With A Camera



    1. Lovely sunny day, helped. We had just been half way down that hill and climbed back up again. At that point we stopped for a rest and I saw the photo opportunity.


  2. Just one quick question… How do you plan to post photos hosted on Google+ here on your WordPress blog? As much as I dislike Flickr it was easier to share photos from there to other platforms. Not so much with Google+.

    Love the “Say It With A Camera” name. How long have you been using it?


    1. I use Windows Live Writer to write my blog off-line. There are lots of plugins for it including one for Picassa web Albums which is still what in effect Google+ uses. All I do is start writing my blog in WLW and when I want to insert a photograph I call up the plugin and it does the rest. WLW takes care of sizing etc. it’s the same if I want to embed a Flickr photograph, just call the plugin.

      With WLW I can save a local copy on my hard drive before posting to my blog. I also use zemanta to give me the related posts for each article, that’s also a plugin. WLW stores my categories as well so I can set them before posting to the blog.

      When impost to my blog it saves it as a draft and then I can go online and put any finishing touches. Hope this answers your question.


  3. Lovely shot MIke and interesting approach to how you structure your posts. I’m a MAC bigot myself but would imagine there’s a similar program for Apple users. Will have to check it out!


    1. Hello Tina. The only MAC program I have read about seemed to get mixed views. WLW is no,longer supported by Microsoft, which is a shame because it really is one of the better offerings from them. I have a copy of the install program stored on a USB stick because I think a time will come when we will no longer be able to download it from Microsoft.


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