I Need Your Help – Photograph Test

I’m hoping you can help me here. When I ran the post about Topaz ReStyle,  Adrian Pym was kind enough to point out that the photographs looked pixellated and noisy when viewed in the WordPress Reader. I had to agree with him, they were terrible.

Previously I have used Flickr to host my images but just recently I switched to Google+. In conjunction with Windows Live Writer I write my posts offline and embed the photographs into the post.

It looks like something is going wrong with this process causing the photographs not to look so good.

Sound a bit technical. Not really, but here’s what I’d like from you. I’m going to post two photographs here. One hosted on Google+ and one on Flickr. Can you look at them and see if either of them don’t look so good.

Here is the first one – it’s from Google+

Now, the second one from Flickr

Vulcan Test

I really would like your help on this so if you can help by replying please do so.

Thanks in advance – Mike




  1. Oh Wow! I’ve just spotted something straight away….on my PC the top photograph looks dull and not as sharp as the bottom one. Yet, on my ipad, it’s the other way round.


  2. I’m on the iPad, it’s 5am, there is admittedly some sleep still in my eyes, and on top of all that it’s Tuesday, but to me the second image seems just a smidge clearer. Really, only a smidge.


  3. I use google chrome on my pc and the second picture is a tad clearer but the difference is very insignificant


  4. I am still needing new glasess. 🙂 But I had to scroll back and forth to detect the dfifference. Google’s image is a tad darker. The Flickr image is a a tad brighter and an seems a tad sharper but maybe more than that to someone who sees better than I.

    I’m far from a pro and I’ve not gone to the trouble of using Google +. Too much trouble to change although I don’t like what Flickr has done however I think the viewing in Flkickr is really good.


    • Good day Yvonne. With this post there doesn’t seem to be the exact same problem as Adrian mentioned, but I was surprised at the difference between the two. My monitor is calibrated and it was clearly obvious to me that the Flickr image was far better

      I’ve just been checking and it seems that when the photograph from G+ is inserted it is compressed quite heavily. Whereas the Flickr ones are not.


  5. On my Windows based laptop the Google+ pic is ever so slightly less sharp than the Flickr one but I definitely wouldn’t have spotted a difference had you not pointed it out. I don’t know about *pixelation* but if somebody else is seeing a MASSIVE difference in these two pics then let me know what they’re on and I’ll add it to my xmas list (112 days to go. not to panic everyone, just a geeky fact :))
    Greetings from North Wales
    Babs B


  6. maybe it’s the way both sites ‘compress’ your photos. i noticed on facebook that if you post a large photo it looks horrible. noise and moire effect…


  7. Hey Dad,

    Sorry for not responding earlier to this. I just took a look at both images on my MacBook using firefox and I think the second one is sharper in the post. What is interesting is that I then went to the flickr page and looked at the image set on original size and the images are comparable. (look at the left wing and the second dark paint section, looks like an upside down anvil.) But when I look at it set on large size it seems much sharper. I wonder if Google+ is using the original image and scaling it down?

    I am not seeing a lot of pixellation or noise though. The difference is not really that big and you can only see anything if you look closely.

    Hope that helps.


  8. I’m on my powerful little net book, using Window 7 and google chrome and to be honest Mike, I can’t see any difference in the photos. Maybe the darker pattern on the plane is slightly sharper in the second photo, but the more I look the more they are smiliar. In my book and eyes is’t an amazing photo. I wouldn’t worry at all over this.


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