52/2013 Week 38

Point of Ayr Lighthouse

Have you ever visited a familiar place and thought that something has changed but you can’t quite work out what it is?

Whenever I need to take a quick photograph either for test purposes or the Weekly Challenge I nearly always turn to my favourite lighthouse at Talacre Beach. The shape of the lighthouse never changes, but because the lighthouse is on the beach, tidal action twice a day, changes the sand and pools of water around the lighthouse. Meaning I can get a different photo every time I visit.

I was there yesterday. I knew something was different, but…

After a while I noticed a few things: there’s a new door, the silver statue has gone from the top of the lighthouse and more of the brickwork has been exposed by the weather.


3 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 38

    1. The lighthouse was up for sale Yvonne, but I don’t know if anyone has bought it. Could be significant that the door has been changed and something else I spotted, the steps to the door. Coupled with the silver statue no longer there may mean someone has bought it. If that’s the case I hope they sort the paintwork before winter sets in. There was talk that if anyone bought it they would get planning permission to use it as a holiday home. The only problem is the beach is tidal and at high tides the lighthouse does get cut off.



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