That Lighthouse Again!

Talacre Lighthouse

Whilst I was on the beach on Wednesday I took quite a few photographs of the lighthouse including this one with the rectangular stones. I think they were to allow passage out to the lighthouse without walking through the pools of water and soft sand. But there again I could be totally wrong.

Talacre is a great beach, miles of golden sand and in the winter time you often don’t see anyone on it at all. However, it’s also very exposed to the elements and when the wind blows it really blows, whipping up sand, which stings like crazy. Get caught in the rain and you will get wet. Trust me I’ve been there when a squally shower blows in. There’s no cover.


8 thoughts on “That Lighthouse Again!

    1. Those rocks are funny, at the moment they are exposed, but once the winter storms come they will disappear. Buried by sand and shale. Then in the spring they seem to re-appear…



  1. The flat expanse of the sea shore with the interesting stones in the foreground, stretching far away to meet an equally interesting sky. I wonder what it would look like without the lighthouse.


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