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Vintage paper with plenty of copyspace for text

Way back in the dim and distant past I used to create a lot of images like this using backgrounds I had created and photographed. I would then add the subject such as the lighthouse and blend the two together.

In this one I have used a stock image from Fotolia and then blended in one of my photographs of Talacre Lighthouse.

I had forgotten how much fun it was, playing around in Photoshop to get the effect I wanted, blending layers and brushing in/out parts of the various photographs.

In fact I enjoyed it so much you might just see some more like this. But what do you think? Should I feature more digital art?

14 thoughts on “Digital Art

  1. I LOVE this!! I studied one Art History subject in photography as an elective in my BA recently and after a life time of photography suddenly looked upon my own photos with a very different eye because of it. In the age of digital captures and photoshop I’m often suspicious of what it is I’m seeing in a photo anyway, I worry that if I edit my own images too much I’ll lose some of the essence of what I was naturally trying to picture, but having said that, I think there is room in every photographers portfolio for examples of manipulated photographs as art forms. Ansel Adams was often described as having a ‘painterly’ style long before any digital technology was available, he just exploited what he did have to create his own unique look. Though your question wasn’t really anything to do with the ethics of editing, I hope my answer goes some way to explaining (in a very long winded way), that yes! I would love to see more of this side of your photography!! It’s a very inspiring example of the creative possibilities of photography.


    1. The way I look at it now, we live in a digital age. There are lots of tools that we can use, so why not use them. Saying that 99% of my web stuff is photographs. Any way thank you for taking the time to comment.


  2. I think the answer is ‘yes’, Mike. This has a timeless quality to it and I am interested to see what your digital art work looks like.


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