Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

Since last weeks challenge I have hardly stopped, but annoyingly photography has not been the focus of my attention. I did manage a few photographs for my 52 Challenge but that was more by luck than planning. Unfortunately, I’m still pretty busy so this weeks post will have to be a short one

According to WordPress stats there are now 1241 followers of “Say It With A Camera” and I’d like to thank all of you for your great comments and likes. Hopefully I have managed to reply to all of your comments but if I haven’t let me know.

Right, to this weeks challenge….

Grumpy Old Man

The “Grumpy Old Man” likes his morning constitutional on the beach. It’s a great place to socialize, meet lots of people, chase seagulls (not as much these days), go for a paddle and read the doggie news.

We make a great team, he does the posing and I take the pictures.




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  3. petspeopleandlife

    This is an excellent portrait of Mr. Grumpy.He does not look grumpy at all. Such a handsome dog. This photo looks almost like a painting. I think you should do a series of photos of him to document all sorts of poses, expressions, actions. You’ll be glad that you captured those moments in years to come.


    • Mike Hardisty

      Well Yvonne, he’s sitting here right now watching the television. This morning Mr Grumpy woke me early, not because he wanted out, no, he wanted up on our bed. He’s been on the beach today but he’s not happy because no one was there to pet him. As I was writing this he’s just climbed on my lap and is snoozing now,



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    • Mike Hardisty

      Hello Jo. I ran it through one of the Topaz plugins for Photoshop, called Topaz Simplify. You can quickly create a painterly effect with little work.



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