52/2013 Week 43

52/2013 Week 43

With off-shore winds and a high tide predicted today it seemed like a good idea to visit Talacre Bird Reserve. The tide would force the birds who use the estuary, further on shore, hopefully giving me some good photo opportunities.

Talacre Bird Reserve has a hide where you can sit or stand and watch the birds. It’s a good walk along the side of the salt marsh to a promontory which takes you closer to the shore. Just as well the hide is there because the wind was biting cold, blowing in from the sea, and there was the odd spot of rain.

Now I’m not really into birding but I can identify quite a few of the common ones that were flying around, Red Shank, Curlew, Little Egret, Cormorant, Oyster Catcher, Shelduck and of course the Herring Gull.

Lucky me! This Curlew decided to fish for crabs right in front of me.

Technical Note: Photograph taken with a Pentax K-30 and the Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3 APO HSM Lens. ISO 100,  Aperture f6.3, Focal length 500mm, Shutter Speed 1/500 sec


9 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 43

  1. A very nice shot of the curlew. The curlew can also be found in North America. Not sure if this is the same species or not. I am too lazy to reach for my bird ID book. 🙂 And I have not been actively birding in the field for about 30 years. So it is nice to see this shot of the curlew.


    1. I think the Curlew is a pretty common bird, Yvonne, both here and in America. I’m not really a birder but occasionally I’ll take that big lens out and go and see what is on the estuary. Fortunately it’s only about ten minutes drive away and is very near the Lighthouse. http://about.me/mikehardisty


  2. Hiyah Mike. Great catch….both of you. Time…if only I had time to get out and about. See you soon I hope.


    1. Hey Steve, Thanks for dropping by. Talacre can be quite good if the birds settle on the shore near you as the tide comes in. There are literally thousands there, and they get forced more inshore as the tide come in, but it need a particularly high tide for photography, otherwise they are still some distance away. http://about.me/mikehardisty


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