Red Shank

First time I’ve seen one of these, let alone photographed it. Yet, the Common Redshank is widespread across temperate Eurasia. It is a migratory species, wintering on coasts around the Mediterranean, on the Atlantic coast of Europe from Great Britain southwards, and in South Asia.

They are wary and noisy birds which will alert everything else with their loud piping call. Like most waders, they feed on small invertebrates. Redshanks will nest in any wetland, from damp meadows to salt marsh, often at high densities. They lay 3-5 eggs.


11 thoughts on “Redshank

  1. Nice one Mike. I got my first Greenshank at the Spinnies tuther day. The leg colour is the give-away. Redshank/Greenshank…Smashin detail and setting.


    1. I’m planning another trip to Talacre soon, Steve. Need to check the tide heights though because it’s got to be high enough to force the birds further up the marsh closer to the shore, otherwise they are just too far off to photograph.



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