Mr Grumpy Does Halloween

I’m old fashioned so tonight is Halloween, none of this new fangled “Trick or Treat” in our house. Mr Grumpy is a dog that likes to keep up with the times so he’s got his costume on ready for tonight when he can go out guising.

Mr Grumpy Does Halloween

In Scotland and Ireland, guising – children disguised in costume going from door to door for food or coins  – is a traditional Halloween custom, and is recorded in Scotland at Halloween in 1895 where masqueraders in disguise carrying lanterns made out of scooped out turnips, visit homes to be rewarded with cakes, fruit and money. The practice of Guising at Halloween in North America is first recorded in 1911, where a newspaper in Kingston, Ontario reported children going “guising” around the neighbourhood.

When I was a child living in Scotland we went out at Halloween dressed up for the occasion. We designed our own costumes, none of these off the peg ones you can buy in stores nowadays. The cry was “Anything for Halloween” when knocking at someone’s door and we had to tell a joke or sing a song to get our treat, Usually an apple, a small orange, a sweet, or if we really struck lucky a penny or two.

The idea of playing a trick wasn’t even considered……


12 thoughts on “Mr Grumpy Does Halloween

  1. Mr Grumpy looks like he belongs in a Harry Potter movie! Is he sleeping it all off this morning after his big night out? Well it is morning here in the land of Oz anyway. It might not be yet over where you are!


  2. Little Grumpy dog is too cute for words. I tried to see if his eyes were open in that photo but I could not tell where the eyes begin and the hair ends. 🙂 But then I am still needing new glasses. I like the little story about Halloween in Scotland when you were a youngster.


    1. Grumpy dog was asleep when I took the photo, Yvonne. Looks like the foxes have been in the garden overnight because he’s out there right now sniffing at an area where we think they are jumping the fence.



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