Mr Grumpy Visits Llyn Geirionydd

Mr Grumpy Visits Llyn Geirionydd

Mr Grumpy knows my routine better than I do. So when I started packing my camera gear this morning he knew I was going out for the day. Never one to miss out on a chance to get in a  photo shoot he parked himself by the door and gave me those Big Brown Eyes.

My plan had been to visit Talacre Bird Reserve. With a higher than normal tide and off-shore winds there was a good chance I would get some good photographs of visitors to the marshes as they were forced closer to the shore by the rising water.

All Change! Mr Grumpy likes fresh mountain air and somewhere where there are lots of trees that he can lift his leg to. If there are sheep around that’s an added bonus, because he can fall asleep in the back of the car dreaming about them.

8 thoughts on “Mr Grumpy Visits Llyn Geirionydd

  1. So NO birdy shots then Mike? Lol. Went to the Spinnies today, nothing much at all……..No bloomin Kingfisher and we are all worried about that. Nice shot by the way.


  2. ahhhh, Mr Grumpy is adorable. I love his expressions. He seems a tad sad in this photo. I am wondering if he thought you were leaving him or he was peeved because he had to sit still for the camera.


    1. He wasn’t very happy, Yvonne. We took his lead off and I kept trying to get him to pose, but we had to be careful because this is sheep country. He probably wouldn’t chase them but my wife was just at the side of him, in case.



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