Orange and Green

Orange Carpet

On the way back from Valle Crucis Abbey we took a wrong turning and ended up high on the hills overlooking Llangollen. I say a wrong turning but sometimes I like to get off the main roads and follow some of the narrow farm tracks that criss-cross the hills and moors in this area. Why? Because I get to see some amazing scenery, if you stop, you don’t hear the sound of traffic and more often than not you can find some good photo opportunities.

This one caught my eye. The patch of green, with the little white dots of sheep, surrounded by the orange colours of Autumn. I used the tree to break up the dark sky and provide a little framing.

17 thoughts on “Orange and Green

  1. They say Mike, that the best parties are the spontaneous ones. A bit like coming across views like this. Very nice indeed.


    1. I don’t hang any, Yvonne. Mainly because we have a lot of artwork from when we lived overseas in different countries. However I do use them as screensavers and desktop backgrounds for my computer.



    1. Thanks Andrew. There’s lot of little narrow lanes in Snowdonia. Big problem is when you meet something coming the other way, but I’ve found some great photographs when going “off-road”, shall we say.



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