52/2013 Week 47


Five weeks to go until the end of the challenge and I’ve managed to keep on track throughout. Amazing.

This week I bring you the “Winter Warrior” a Robin who visits my garden in late Autumn and stays until early Spring.

The Robin is probably the UK’s most favourite bird. They might look cute, yet they are aggressively territorial and right now this one is defending the bird feeders against all-comers. However, the Blue Tits have a master plan to counter the Robins tactics. One flies to the feeder to distract the Robin and whilst the Robin is chasing it off the other Blue Tit flies in and gets a quick feed. Then they reverse the roles.

Both male and female Robins look identical so it’s impossible to tell which is which.

7 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 47

  1. He/she posed so well for you Mike, love the red-breast detail! Often when gardening a robin would follow me around, getting the worms, a wonderful little companion!


    1. Sometimes I find my Sigma lens does make them soft and then I have to be careful with the sharpening. This one I hardly had to touch, a dash of contrast and that was it



  2. I like this one a lot and I really can not tell that the pic is “soft” :Looks excellent to me.

    The Robin of your “hood” looks a bit different from the North American robin. They nest in my area but I’ve never had any come to my yard. They eat mostly insects and berries and “ours” seems to be a bit larger than “yours.” In the winter they travel around in flocks.

    I must say that the Bue Tits are quite clever. Whoever coined the phrase “bird brain” was off the mark.


    1. Hi Yvonne, our Robins are quite territorial and you would never see them in flocks. Usually they don’t bother with the Blue Tits so I am a bit surprised that its being aggressive to them.

      It’s 8:20 am and the Grumpy Old Man has just stirred. He’ll be wanting out to inspect his territory, check if there are any cats he can play with.

      That’s the unfortunate thing about bird feeders they do attract cats who hide in the bushes but Grumps chases them off. He’ll never catch them but they’re over the fence as soon as they see him.


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