52/2013 Week 50

Sunset Silhouette

Week 50 and only two weeks to go until I finish this challenge. This is my second year of doing this and it’s been hard at times. Committing yourself to take one photograph each week seems easy on paper but when it actually comes down to it…

At times I have found myself on the last day of a challenge week not having a photograph and wondering what would look good. Today was one of those weeks with tomorrow being the last day of the challenge week. I had been in our local cathedral this afternoon for a serious of Christmas photographs and when I got home the sun was just setting. Suddenly the sky coloured up with those amazing reds and the telephone pole just outside my house looked not too bad silhouetted against the sky. There you have it, this weeks 52/2013.

Would you be interested in completing a 52 challenge? Have you ever completed a challenge? Did you keep on track? Let me know.

7 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 50

    1. We’ve been getting some really good sunsets, Yvonne, which is unusual for this time of year. They don’t last long, maybe ten minutes if we are lucky. As to next year, I’m not sure if I will take up the challenge again. Two years is enough…



  1. I did one post a day for November, and I was relieved when the month was over, I must admit! Love that photo – the geometry of the power lines is a nice balance for the wild sky, I think.


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