52/2013 Week 51

52_2013-Week 51

I have come to the conclusion that “street photography” is just not my thing. Basically because I’m not too comfortable at photographing people in candid settings. But this week I was forced into resorting to this genre of photography, mainly because the weather has not been conducive to shooting landscape or wildlife…..

…..and now to a tale of stupidity on my part. Last week I had a memory card failure whilst I was out at the cathedral. Not a big problem as I carry four in my camera bag. When I got home I tried to format the aforementioned card and I just couldn’t. They’re guaranteed for 10 years so it was just a case of contacting technical support, going through all the hoops that they made me do until they finally agreed that I could send the card back as faulty. Now this process took nearly a week to complete but at least I had approval to send the card to the Czech Republic.  On receipt of the faulty card they would send me a brand new one within 7-10 working days.

I live in the UK, the Czech Republic is in continental Europe and it’s Christmas time. So my faulty card is probably not going to get dealt with until sometime in the New Year, due to postal delays, holidays etc. No matter. I have 3 more I can use.

Err! Make that two. I have gone and sent them a working card instead of the faulty one, which is lying on my desk right now. How stupid can you get?

Moral of the story?

If you have more than one memory card from the same manufacturer make sure you label them in some way to avoid confusion

20 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 51

  1. Who’s a silly boy then!!!! Lol It could be that your own memory requires an upgrade…He he. Have a super holiday Mike and see ya sometime in 2014. All the best.


  2. I’ve now had a chance to run all the way through your images. A very big “well done” is in order. Many of the images evoke memories of being exactly where you were and that’s the point, they are natural and as seen. Not being critical, but I didn’t ponder too long on
    many of the HDR’s, although I also know exactly where they were taken too, but some didn’t do it for me. That’s not a criticism, just one persons perspective.

    I applaud the wildlife images especially, as of all the genres they are the most difficult to capture, the critters often will not stay still!

    Well done Mike, it’s a very credible collection of images taken over a year and one’s that you can rightly be very proud of. Have a great Christmas.


    1. Hello Richard, thanks for looking and giving your valuable comments. Of late I have been trying to tone down the HDR, especially for the landscapes, but sometimes I get that irresistible urge to go into painter mode.

      Those damn critters can be a right pain but the satisfaction when you get a good one is fantastic.

      Once again thanks for looking and have a good Christmas



      1. Thanks Mike. I will at last use the weeks now to at last develop some 35mm and 120 film. I really enjoy digital, but am enjoying some analog stuff again, slide and negative. How long it will last is anyones guess, as when I’ve finished my fridge of film the price may have got beyond a joke. If we are seeing the very last throws of film I think that will be an extremely sad day. That said, our North Wales Monochrome and Slide groups are very healthy, albeit the members are not young.

        One again enjoy the holidays. Oh, by the way I have got my ticket for the Photo Show in March, sadly for first time ever I had to pay!


  3. I try street photography but I have similar misgivings. I find it helps if I change the tag and my mindset to documentary photography. So I ‘document the old town’, which amounts to the same thing but makes me feel I have a valid purpose rather than being an intruder.

    I use 32gb memory cards and I hope I don’t have one fail at a critical moment. I used to use smaller ones but shooting bursts with RAW files I can clear 32gb in a morning even if I end up keeping only half a dozen. I hope you get sorted by Christmas (2014). Good luck Mike.


  4. I too struggle with street photography, but I think I will continue the challenge! memory card failure lucky it didn’t happen with a card full of images. all the best in 2014


  5. Well that is rotten luck and sounds like something that I would do in haste. Never had that happen but then my photography is a fraction of the amount of shooting that you do.

    I’ve never done street photography but a bit of “country shots” but the people knew that I photographed them since I had asked permission. I’ve wanted to post some of those but they are not on digital and I would have to “wade” through many proof sheets to find those.

    I like the young lady Santa. Great color. You should do more. I think you would begin to enjoy street scenes. I remember the scene of the man and his son that got in your way at the beach. Body language was great in that one. Of course it was not on the street but at the coast. No matter. I liked that one a lot.


  6. Both Lexar and SanDisk have image rescue software that you can download and trial for free. I have had numerous friend photographers use it with great success on a variety of cards (non-Lexar/SanDisk) might be worth bearing in mind just in case it happens again!


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