52/2013 Week 52

52/2013 Week 52

This is it! The final image in my 52/2013 Challenge and it seems appropriate that the “Grumpy Old Man” should feature.  Especially as he decided we were going to the beach today. It’s one of his favourite walks, lots of great sniffs and if he’s lucky he can waylay some poor passer-by and get them to pet him a bit.

He’s quite sneaky about it. The “Grumpy Old Man” spots someone in the distance and works out if they are coming his way. He’ll then move to position himself directly in their path, adjusting his track if necessary. Then when they are about 10 feet away he starts wagging his tail and those big brown eyes open wide as he starts to home in on them.

Suckers! If they bend down to pet him, he’s got ‘em hooked. Immediately he sits on their feet, they’re going nowhere, and then he nudges them to get on with it. “Grumpy” then milks it for all it’s worth, even resorting to telling them a story if that will keep them there.

Well that’s it for this year with the 52 Challenge. Will I do another one? Who knows. I keep saying no, I won’t…..but you never know.


11 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 52

  1. I have a dog who does exactly the same thing. Take them to the dog park and while we’re keeping an eye on the ‘psycho beast’, we turn around to find her snuggled into some willing stranger’s feet. Merry Christmas Mike. Wishin you, the Grumpy Old Man and the rest of your family have a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year with lots of photos!


  2. I’ve got one of those, a Labrador called Jasper. We walk the Dyserth-Prestatyn railway line and anyone who approaches he puts his “cute dog” act on. He’s actually classed as a dangerous dog, as whoever succumbs to his charms is at great risk of being licked to death!


  3. AHHH- I love the pics of Mr. Grumpy. Such a handsome dude. He’s smart you know! Maybe too smart. 🙂

    You’ve done a remarkable job with the photo challenge thing. Don’t know how one keeps up with it. Great job of keeping me entertained.

    Again- wishing you and yours everything nice on any special celebration eve/day. ~yvonne


    1. Hi Yvonne, right now he’s lying beside me snoring his head off, typical cavalier. He’s an old dog now but he doesn’t need to learn new tricks, got enough in his arsenal already to worm treats from us or find the most comfy spot to lie.

      Best wishes for this coming Christmas and I hope you have a healthy and happy New Year.



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