Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Bit of a difficult one this week as I don’t have too many photographs of people enjoying themselves.  Just about every photograph I have in my back catalogue has landscape, architecture or nature as the subject. It’s in these fields that I feel most comfortable and where I think my best work comes from.

A photographer’s best pictures are from deep inside him, and also some of the worst. Some photographers enjoy distinguished careers without ever taking personal photographs. Others, audaciously and arrogantly and courageously discharge their most private feelings through photography. Trouble is, sometimes it all adds up to baloney. – Burk Uzzle


Street Musicians

And so to this weeks challenge photograph. I had to go way back to 2008 to find this photograph I took on a business trip to Cape Town, South Africa. After rounds of  meetings, which seemed to go on and on I managed to sneak away for a bit of sight-seeing.

Walking down a side street near the Victoria & Albert Shopping Mall I found these three guys belting out some great Jazz. It was too good an opportunity to miss, so I sat down and listened to them for the rest of my brief escape from the meetings.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

  1. That’s a great photo, Mike. One of the things I like about the challenge is that it forces us to find things in our photos that we don’t always focus on. A great excuse to look through our libraries, don’t you think? Thanks again for the ping back.


    1. Hi Terri. I use Lightroom to catalogue all of my photographs, but I have different catalogues for each year. I have to open a new catalogue if I want to look at different years. That’s good for me because it forces me to go back and check out old photographs.



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  3. What a great photo!! I know it’s from South Africa, but it reminds me of visiting Martha’s Vineyard. There was a large a capella group performing in the middle of the street during one of our family vacations.

    Thanks for the pingback. Happy New Year 🙂


    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. They were great to listen to, just wish I could have spent more time there. Many street musicians are far better than some of the acts you see on reality shows like X-Factor but they never get the break…


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