Abstract – Week 1/52 of 2014


Why do I put myself through it? In 2012 and 2013 I successfully completed a 52 challenge and I vowed that this year I would take a break….and yet, here I am again. Only this year I have made it more difficult because I am taking part in a themed challenge.

This weeks 52 of 2014 theme is Abstract and hopefully this photograph will fit the theme.


12 thoughts on “Abstract – Week 1/52 of 2014

  1. I actually like abstract photography as I hope it does at least show I have a little bit of the artist in me! Take a look at Mary Mansey, http://marymanseyfineart.com/ she was very helpful when I was taking some photography exams and was looking to submit some abstracts, which I did reasonably successfully 🙂 Good luck and I’ll watch your blog with interest in 2014.


    1. It’s not something I’m really into but it was the first theme for the challenge. I had a look at Mary’s sit and I was quite surprised at some of the photographs she classed as abstract, I suppose it’s all down to interpretation.



  2. Uh, yes. Abstract art. It’s lovely if one happens to like it and I realize that not everyone is an admirer. I fall into the category as someone that does not care for abstract. But- it sure is an eye catcher with the hearts and I wondered how you achiveved this shot., Then I read your reply that you photographed a tissue box. You are resourseful for sure. 🙂


    1. It’s not my thing, Yvonne, but that’s what the theme was this week. To be honest I was starting to panic. I’d committed to taking part and hadn’t found anything worth photographing. Then I just took my little P&S camera and did some close-ups of common objects in the house. I,liked the hearts so that became my entry..



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