Contrast – Week 3/52 of 2014

52 of 2014 - Week 3

This has to be one of the most confused challenge weeks. I know we are only at week 3 but what a subject; “Contrast, between colour, texture, b/w. or any interpretation that shows the difference between the lights and darks of an image”.

Alright here is my interpretation of that challenge. First of all I photographed a clock face from a 1930’s clock, which was cropped to just give a partial portion. After that it was quite simple. Apply a Topaz Labs Filter called Black and White Effects, specifically the Infrared False Colour Preset. this now gave me contrast between colours with some texture and although not quite Black and White it had lost a lot of the colour saturation.


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7 thoughts on “Contrast – Week 3/52 of 2014

  1. Unusual but an excellent example in my humble opinion. I think you came up with a great idea. I just happen to like old clocks and have an old German made grandfather clock and a smaller version of one that hangs on the wall. Neither one is currently working. I have to find a repair person that specializes in antique clocks. I loved the chimes especially of the one that hangs on the wall.


    1. Hello Yvonne – with this challenge I am trying be be a little creative. Don’t know how long it will last though. The clock face is from an old clock that my wife’s mother had, we sort of inherited it. The clock has been balanced and ticks away, keeping reasonable time over the week, but we turned the chimes off because they were just too noisy. Every quarter of an hour building up to a full chime on the hour to the same tune as Big Ben in London followed by a count of the hour and through the night as well.



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