Floors – Week 6/52 of 2014

Floors - Week 6

OK! A bit of a grab shot this week. I’ve not really had time to settle down and put together a decent post, sorry. The challenge this week was Floors, normally I would go out but with my schedule this week it’s got to be the floor in my house. Now the floor on it’s own is pretty boring so I included a “selfie” for a bit of added interest.

3 thoughts on “Floors – Week 6/52 of 2014

  1. Wood or tile floors are trhe best. I think with the shoes you’ve got added interest and you more than met the weekly challenge. Good thinking. so are those your feet? 🙂


    1. They’re mine all mine, Yvonne. I’ve been really busy this week, not much time for blogging or photography. So it really was a grab shot. I bent down to photograph the floor, saw my feet in the way and just thought they would add some extra interest..

      Apart from the bedrooms we have solid oak floors throughout the house. They were in when we bought it but “Grumpy” doesn’t like them, he slips sometimes.


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