Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Saint Michael-Caerwys

Spring is in the air and “She who must be obeyed” has decided that I need to be in the garden clearing a patch of scrub and bushes where she (?) is going to put the summerhouse.

Now the fact that some of that scrub has two small tree-like bushes seems to have escaped her notice. Or the fact that to get the area level the roots will have to be dug out.

But we’re supposed to be talking about inside this week so here’s some news about the “Grumpy Old Man”. His normally quiet and easy going life has been shattered with the arrival of two cats in the house. Mimi and Macavity, two long term visitors. The “puddycats” give Grumpy the evil eye every time they see him but so far Grumpy has adopted an air of aloofness, totally ignoring the two erstwhile visitors. That is, until Macavity decided that Grumpy’s Chicken Dinner was far better than the offering she had on her plate.

Ding Ding, Seconds Out, Round One. With a deep growl, a loud bark and a snap of those big teeth Macavity was down and out (literally, straight out the patio doors into the garden). A knockout in the first 5 seconds. Mimi meanwhile, sensing she might be next had taken refuge on the window ledge.

Magnanimous in victory, Grumpy has now taken to wagging his tail every time he sees the “puddies” Is it a gesture of friendship? Or maybe he’s just gloating? I’m the champ and don’t you forget it.

And so to this weeks challenge photograph. Saint Michael’s Church in Caerwys. It is believed that there has probably been a religious been a religious building on the site since the time of the Romans, but the present church dates back to the 13th century. However there have been many  additions and modifications throughout the years.

Described as an example of the “Clwydian” type of architecture with two adjacent parallel naves, it is similar in style to many churches in the Vale of Clwyd.


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Good luck digging out the roots, Mike. I hope they don’t go too deep or far. It will be a nice rest later watching the summerhouse go up. As for the Grumpy Old Man, well I think he’s just laying down the law and quite right too. Excellent inside shot, just for the record.


    1. It’s not something I’m looking forward to Andrew, we might have to get gardeners in. Grumpy is still the boss and the cats have learned to stay away…



  2. I always love happy endings- great story!
    Adore interior of this ancient church as
    well , thank you for taking us into a
    peek inside.


  3. Mr Grumpy is one smart dog. Wtih age comes wisdom or something like that.

    The church is so beautiful. It seems that Wales had many religious folks ages ago.

    Now you be careful with the digging so that you don’t injure your back or worse. Hiring someone to dig is often far cheaper that risking an injury.


    1. I’m convinced he’s been on this earth before the way he acts sometimes. We have more than our fair share of historical churches and Wales was a hotbed of early Christianity. Early Christian Pilgrims travelled through North Wales on their way to Bardsey Island which had become an important medieval Christian centre.

      As to the digging, I’m putting that off and I’ve been considering getting someone in to do the work


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