Check, Check…..And Check Again

Stained Glass

I could kick myself. I was so intent on getting the exposure right for the stained glass windows that I forgot to check my surroundings. Can you see what’s bugging me? No! I’ll give you a clue. It’s white.

Why oh why did I not take time to do a final check and make sure everything was in place. Ruins the whole photograph, that slight imbalance.

I could probably correct it in Photoshop using the Clone Tool. But do I want to do that? Not really.

Moral of the story. Check, Check…..And Check Again

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9 thoughts on “Check, Check…..And Check Again

    1. Many of the old churches riynd here have stained glass windows. From the very sinple style up to the amazing major picture tells a story type. Luckily enough the churches here are open every day in in general they do encourage photography.


  1. I saw it…but probably wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t of mentioned that there was a “problem” with the photo (in your opinion) – it’s still a beautiful photo – but I can certainly understand your frustration. Sometimes…it’s just the little things that make all the difference. Still, a stunning photo.


  2. Since you made me look so hard, I noticed that the cloth is crooked (tut), and also, the table is off centre to the window…If you hadn’t said anything, I would have just seen the beautiful window in a charming old church! LOL.


    1. I won’t normally move things like tables, but often I will straighten something like a cloth. I’ve been working on a paid project to photograph some churches in the area so this is one I’ll have to go back to, but it’s not a problem, only about twenty minutes drive away


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