It’s Time To Say Goodbye – The Last Post

It’s been over a week since I’ve last made a post on Say It With A Camera. OK I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bit lazy but in my defence I have been busy with other things. That’s why it is with regret that I have to announce that this will be my last post on WordPress. It’s time to announce that I am closing down my blog.

To keep from going stale you must forget your professional outlook and rediscover the virginal eye of the amateur. – Brassai

Now whilst I was never a professional I do feel that I and Say It With A Camera have gone a bit stale, but giving up on a blog that has over 2000 followers and been Freshly Pressed does seem a bit drastic. So why am I doing this?

Although I’m an amateur, Photography is my real passion and that’s why

  • I have been working solidly on a project to photograph some of the historic churches that we have in North Wales.
  • I’ve been looking out for all those yellow fields of flowers that are so abundant now; they photograph so well.
  • I’m going to concentrate more on night photography. It has it’s own challenges and I really do need one. Actually I probably need more than one.
  • The Snowdonia National Park is a beautiful place. I’m going to visit it more often with my camera.
  • I’ve got to make some money to buy a new tripod, along with the new camera and a whole load of new gear.

Say It With A Camera will in effect lie dormant. I won’t delete the blog because there is some interesting information and a lot of great photographs there but this will definitely be the last post.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who followed, commented and liked my posts over the years. Without you Say It With A Camera would not have been as joyful to contribute to as it was, but it’s time to move on. Who knows maybe we will meet somewhere else on the internet?

14 thoughts on “It’s Time To Say Goodbye – The Last Post

  1. I joined the fan club rather late Mike but it was worth it. I’ve enjoyed your photography a great deal especially as it relates often to my home country. I wish you well with all your ventures and challenges and I hope one day you will reactivate the blog. Andrew


  2. Mike, I understand. There somes a time when it’s time to move on to something else. Good luck going forward. And thanks.


  3. My blog is more stale than anything LOL! It’s more of a laundry list of whatever comes into my brain.

    All the best in your photography.


  4. Hi Mike
    I only found your blog recently due to a comment you made about Creative Commons and watermarking on my blog, so I still have a bit to read on your site. It’s good to go dormant , then we can keep looking at the site and as someone from N Wales, I understand the photo opportunities on offer! Good luck for future projects.


  5. Oops guess I must have missed this post. I am sad to know you will not be posting anymore of your truly great photos. I wish you well and I really hope that one day you will post again. Just post a pic now and then and you’ll not get burned out or be too tired to post.

    With best regards,
    Yvonne Daniel (one of your biggest fans)


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