WhooHoo I’m Back

Having taken a good rest, just over 3 months, I’m ready to start writing again on “Say It With A Camera”. I’ve finished the project I’ve been working on which was taking up all of my time. Well almost, one church to go, but that’s looking a bit doubtful at the moment. Now I can go back to what I do best. Landscapes..

Sunset over the Llyn Peninsula

And what about the camera. well that’s changed too. After years of using Pentax DSLR cameras, I’ve gone mirror-less and switched to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro lens. The lens is small, compact and one of the best pieces of glass I’ve ever had on a camera. Sure I won’t be able to capture wildlife or aircraft any more but when you are walking up that steep hillside in the Snowdonia National Park you do appreciate how light the camera and lens combination is.

Typhoon Meanwhile my passion for HDR photography has not abated and last week when I was visiting Harlech I managed to get to Goodness Gracious Corner for some amazing sunsets.

Which-Way Finally, what about those churches I have been so involved with. I have taken thousands of photographs for this over the last six months. Not all will be used, but on average I was spending about two hours in each church taking photographs, once or twice per week, usually doing two or three churches each time. As an example of what I have been doing it has ranged from interior photographs of the churches

Saint Sannan - Light Beams

through to photographing the ancient records.

Page from the 1538 Register 1232

This particular set was held in the County Records Office and I was allowed access to photograph them without flash and only natural light. At first I thought the language was Welsh but on closer inspection it appears to be Latin. Look at the date, 1613. That’s over four hundred years old.

So there you have it. I’m back, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle blogging again. I hope you’ll join me as I start to revive “Say It With A Camera”.

At our best and most fortunate we make pictures because of what stands before our camera, to honour what is greater and more interesting than we are. We never accomplish this perfectly, though in return we are given something perfect–a sense of inclusion. Our subject thus redefines us, and is part of the biography by which we want to be known. – Robert Adams

12 thoughts on “WhooHoo I’m Back

  1. Wecome Back Mike, I hope your time away has been of value to you.
    You have been missed.


  2. It certainly has. I really did need that rest. After spending all day photographing churches I would come home and be aching all over. Next day i would spend processing the photographs from early morning into the evening and sometimes it would spill into the next day. Along with family commitments, it didn’t leave much time for anything else


    1. It has been busy, At times I thought I wouldn’t make some of the deadlines, so a few late night sand early mornings. But in the long run, I learnt a lot about the history of the churches and surrounding villages.


    1. The church project was really killing me. And although I still own the copyright to the photographs I supplied I felt honour bound not to publish any until they go live with their new brochures, information boards etc. In effect I was relying on some of my back catalogue for blogging, plus I just felt tired. Two or three churches twice a week plus processing were really taking up all of my time and I was aching as well. Constantly bending down or crawling to get some of the artifacts or effigies was hard on this “old” body of mine.


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