Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

How do you decide which photograph to use for the weekly challenge? Once I see the subject I usually have a good idea which one I might use. The next thing is to retrieve it from my back catalogue. Fortunately I use Adobe Lightroom to catalogue my photographs and collections so retrieval is pretty easy.


Now the kind folks at Automatic give us 3Gb of storage space for photographs but my personal choice is to load all of my blog photographs to Flickr. Try clicking on a photograph and see where it takes you.

Anyway this is the lighthouse at Penmon Point. It stands at the northern entrance to the Menai straits, between the coast of Anglesey and Puffin Island and might never have been erected but for a tragic accident in 1831 involving the Steam Ship Rothsay (Rothesay) Castle.

The Rothsay Castle should have left Liverpool at 10am on the 17th August 1831. Due to bad weather conditions and the late arrival of a passenger she didn’t leave until midday, carrying 150 passengers. Once out into open sea the Rothsay Castle experienced strong winds and a rough sea. One passenger asked the captain, a seafarer call Atkinson to return to port in the Mersey Estuary, but Atkinson refused. By the evening of the 17th August the Rothsay Castle had only reached the vicinity of the Great Orme and still had to negotiate the difficult passage through the Menai Strait. By now the Rothsay castle was in difficulty. There was two feet of water in the stokehold, the pumps weren’t working and they couldn’t bail out because there wasn’t a bucket available. Worse still, the only lifeboat had a hole in the bottom and there were no oars. Round about 1am, the inevitable happened. Rothsay Castle ran aground on Dutchman Bank at the entrance to the Menai Straits. A little later the Rothsay Castle broke up with the loss of many lives and bodies were washed up over a wide area of Anglesey and the Welsh mainland. Only twenty three passengers were rescued.

In 1832 a lifeboat was established at Penmon Point and sometime between 1835 and 1838 the present lighthouse, standing 29 metres tall and designed by James Walker was built.

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    1. I should have shown the photograph with the tide out as well. Really jagged rocks, would take the bottom out of a boat quite easily. But the lighthouse is really there to mark teh passage into the Menai Straits for ships rounding Puffin Island.


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