Dark and Grungy

In their time the workshops for Dinorwic Quarry must have been dark and grungy places. Poorly lit, smoke and dust in the air, tremendous amount of noise from the machinery and blacksmiths furnaces, all must have contributed to the dark and grungy atmosphere. Nowadays those same workshops have become the National Slate Museum and on Wednesday I was in the museum because the weather wasn’t that great in the mountains, where we had planned a landscape shoot.

I shot everything for HDR, using brackets of 3 photographs (-2 , 0, +2), all hand-held and to get a dark and grungy look to the photographs I really pushed the sliders in PhotoMatix, with some series after processing with NIK Color Efex in Photoshop.


Now I know that HDR is not to everyone’s taste, especially this extreme effect, but hey, “my photograph, my vision” but I’d love to hear if you like them or not. The comment box is at the bottom.

This little corner of the workshops is quite dark and the only real splash of colour is that green door, just about everything else is grey or black. And it’s even worse at the blacksmiths forges.

Blacksmiths Workshop

The light shines through the big windows, which are quite grimy in places, throwing shadows against the walls and the forges. Extreme processing? Yes! But I like it.

You could spend a whole day in the Slate Museum, wandering round taking photographs, watching the demonstrations. Normally I would say they are happy to let you use a tripod but in the summertime it get busy so you might find you have people getting in your way. That’s why I shot everything hand-held this time.

OK! That’s it from me. As usual, you are welcome to comment or download any photograph for personal use. If you use them on the web, don’t forget to mention me, that’s part of the Creative Commons License I have applied to my photographs.

6 thoughts on “Dark and Grungy

    1. Hi Tina. I was in an HDR mood. Just felt that for that industrial scene it required something different. On reflection you are probably right. I could have HDR’ed the scene and made it look dark and grungy with going over the top.


  1. Hi Mike. I think the HDR works on the mechanical stuff but it’s the light on the walls that make it look overdone.
    I actually like the effect it has on the rust in particular and I like the spinning of one of the wheels on the bottom photo. They are also very sharp for a hand held bracketing attempt.
    A good couple of shots mike.


    1. I was in an HDR mood, where I really wanted to go stupid with it Ray. However when I’ve got time this week I’m going to do another with less HDR.


      1. Maybe overdone was the wrong word Mike. I think I can see what you were aiming for with the patterns created by the patches of light shining on the walls, it probably looked quite ethereal in there. It’s just really hard to translate into an image. I still like them 🙂


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