If you are like me and use a combination of Windows Live Writer and Flickr to write and store your blog photographs I have some good news for you. Tim Heuer has updated his excellent WLW plugin called Flickr4Writer to take account of the new API restrictions imposed by Flickr and he has also now included the ability to add original size images from Flickr.

Previously when I used the plugin, I always chose the option to use the LARGE size image which inserted a photograph from Flickr which had a maximum size of 1024 pixels on the widest side. That was fine as long as your blog theme didn’t go above that size. But my new theme does. I can insert photographs up to 1200 pixels wide allowing you to see them in greater detail.

Parys Mountain

So there you have it. If you’re like me you can download the updated plugin from Tim by following this link

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    1. For me anyway, Yvonne, it does make life easier. I can write off-line, correct any mistakes and even preview what it will be like when I use WLW.


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