Out Of The Box

This weeks challenge happens to be container. Now there’s a theme that’s open to interpretation if ever there was. Yet, I struggled this week to find a suitable container to show you. Over on Photography From North Wales I did a very tenuous link to the theme, using a castle as a container. Sometimes you’ve just got to think “out of the box” as they say.


Now you might be thinking…. “what has this got to do with containers?” Simple really. The planes are flying out of a box and a box is a container.

The aircraft picture here are from the RV8tors Display Team.  Flown by professional display pilots at combined speeds of 230 mph (370 kmh) and performing close formation aerobatics the RV8tors creat an amazing and very dare-devil show in the sky.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks challenge photograph and as usual I’m always open to comments. Feel free to download any of my photographs if you want to use them for desktops or for your own blog or artwork. Just remember my License requirements which are pretty simple. Mention me and if possible link back to my blog.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike license.

4 thoughts on “Out Of The Box

  1. Great idea, knew where you were coming from as soon as I saw the photo. I’m practising doing this but not to good as yet.


    1. I really was stuck for a choice this week and whilst I was looking through some old photographs on Flickr I found another out of the box photograph. That’s what made me decide to go ahead and do one, Yvonne. Took me a while to get it right as it’s been ages since I did any digital artwork.


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