Must Have Zigged When I Should Have Zagged

Apparently the meaning of this is to turn in the wrong direction when following a specific route….so if somehow you ended up here at “Say It With A Camera” instead of somewhere else, I hope you’ll stay and at least have a look around.

What’s in it for you? Well you can use any of my photographs for your blog or art project as long as you credit me. Sorry no commercial use.

Tewkesbury Abbey

This weeks challenge image is from the amazing Tewkesbury Abbey or to give the abbey it ‘s more correct name “The Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin”. Originally a Benedictine Monastery it is now the second largest parish church in England.

The church part is very ornate as you can see from the photograph above, but compare that with the abbey. which looks plain and simple.

The Nave

Personally I prefer the simplicity of the floor and those magnificent stone columns. What about you?

15 thoughts on “Must Have Zigged When I Should Have Zagged

  1. Hello Mike. Well I got an email so I did not really stumble upon you…..This is (in my view) some of the best photography I have seen in a long long time. Outstanding, you must be over the moon. Great stuff.


  2. Hi Steve. I’ve been working with a new method of creating the HDR photographs and the subsequent post processing. Seems to be working and I must admit I’m really beginning to like the workflow which is a lot easier than what i was doing before.


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