Ripples On The Beach

When I first read what this weeks challenge was “Textures” I immediately thought of applying textures to a photograph. Something I used to do a lot of when I first started experimenting with incorporating my photographs into digital art. I was quite looking forward to giving it a go, especially as I’ve been pretty “straight” in the last few years. That’s if you can call HDR straight.

Anyway I got it wrong, but never mind, gives me a chance to play some more with the Olympus O-MD E-M1, especially in low light conditions. Now after the glorious weather we had in July, it’s been pretty cold in august, with plenty of rain and some cold winds, especially on the beach, which is very open and exposed.

Storm Damage

Last night was no exception so I didn’t stay too long on the beach. The plan was to catch the sunset but with the clouds the way they were, there was no chance of that. But I did get the ripples in the sand causing some quite nice textures, not what I was expecting, but I can use the photograph for this weeks challenge. Have you ever gone out to photograph something and come back with something completely different? It happens to me often and as far as I am concerned it’s an added bonus as well as being one of the joys of photography.

Pure photography is a system of picture-making that describes more or less faithfully what might be seen through a rectangular frame from a particular vantage point at a given moment. – John Szarkowski

I think John has got it right here. OK I didn’t get the sunset. But here’s a photograph of a structure on the beach with the top part incredibly bent. What happened to it? How did it get that way. Will it be straightened? . Knowing the coast as I do I suspect it was damaged in a storm. At the really high tides, this marker will be covered by sea water almost to the top with usually only the green triangular shape showing. Strong winds and a tidal surge could easily bend the pole out of shape. But there again we will never really know what happened. Will we?

6 thoughts on “Ripples On The Beach

    1. You know I could have sworn I had replied to this comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared into Cyberspace. I read your post and that really was a close encounter. All I can say is “It’s behind you”


  1. Hi, Mike: One can always anticipate something interesting from you! Loved your post here! Also it happens to me al the time……I have a concept in mind, but, may end up with something entirely different, something uncounted upon! To me, these are “treasures” or ” unexpected gifts”! Enjoy that Olympus! Jan Vilums


    1. Hello Jan. The Olympus is a great camera. Took a while to get used to it, especially the menu system, but now I can change things easily. I love the treasures and very often i will use them in a blog post


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