Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

In all the time I have been writing for “Say It With A Camera” I’m pretty certain that I’ve only ever used my photographs for the Weekly Challenges. After all that’s what the blog was about. To show you my photographs and tell you about them. Over the years I have used lots of photographs, some that have been included in blog posts have been stored on the WordPress servers, others using Google+, some on what used to be called SkyDrive but is now called OneDrive. But mainly I use Flickr and embed the photographs from there.

In fact that’s about all I use Flickr for these days, storing photographs that I want to embed into my blog posts. Why? Because if I kept using the paltry 3Gb of space that WordPress give us for photographs eventually I would run out. Are you close to using up your free space on WordPress.

But what has this got to do with Silhouette. Nothing really. I just thought I’d mention it. Well actually there is a point.


It’s getting harder to keep track of which photographs I have used over the years for which posts, hardly surprising really since “Say It With A Camera” has been going since March 2009 and I’ve written 609 blog posts. I’m almost certain I’ve used this one before way back in the distant past but as it’s one of the best silhouettes I’ve got I hope you’ll forgive me for using it again. Maybe you’ve done the same?

Looking back though, it’s not the first time that WordPress have used Silhouette as a Weekly Challenge theme as this post shows

Taken in Cape Town, South Africa, 12 March 2008, I was at one of these company motivational events. Flew in from the UK to spend four days being bored to death by numerous speakers, talking about sales drives, statistics, what the customers wanted etc. Highlight of the whole junket was when celebrated National Geographic Photographer Mattias Klum gave a talk about his photography. Heaven.

Anyway that night we were down on the beach, the sun was setting and the chief rabble rouser was getting everyone in the mood for the meal and party we were going to have later. Perfectly silhouetted against the setting sun it was too good an opportunity to miss. I didn’t need the motivation, I already had it. I was in South Africa, there were great photo opportunities, what more did I need.

And so that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the photograph, and as usual if you have any comments I’d love to hear from you.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. It’s a good idea to use Flickr as a storage place and then incorporate those photos in the blog post. The WordPress media gallery is filling up quickly.
    The only downside is, like you mention, the ability to search through your media gallery and quickly know which photos you’ve posted or not.
    I have a Flickr account where I upload photos, but only once or twice I’ve used it like you do. I think I’ll start doing the same.

    Another thing: Can you please update your post with links to your Google+ and Flickr account instead of to their main sites? Easier to find your profiles when they’re just a click away…


  2. I’ve created an album on Flickr purely for WordPress Blog photos but as there are 747 photographs there it’s still difficult to remember if I’ve used a photograph before. I’ve updated the links for Google and Flickr


  3. An interesting post for sure Enjoyed reading about your time in South Africa and how the photographer saved the day for you. Also found the pic here quite different. I looked at it for a long time..


    1. It was the highlight Yvonne. Mattias Klum is very gifted photographer and an excellent speaker. I spent some time with him afterwards and there’s no airs and graces. He’s was willing to talk to me and a few others, as photographers. Gave us some good hints as well.

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  4. If it’s just one photograph you can feed it straight to the blog and almost write the post in Flickr. However I do it a different way, Andrew. I use Windows Live Writer to write my post off line. With the aid of a very excellent plugin called Flickr4Writer I can fetch photographs from Flickr straight into my blog post where I want them.

    When I am ready to post I just submit the off-line post to WordPress, go on line check everything is OK and hit publish.


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