Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Maintaining two blogs sometimes leaves me with a decision; which one to write first or what photographs to use for which blog. Happily this week I knew straight away which one to use for the Weekly Challenge.

Porth Wen Brickworks

Porth Wen Brickworks has long since been abandoned and has gradually fallen into a state of disrepair. Brick production, using local yellow clay started around about the early 1900’s. Unlike red brick clay, yellow can withstand higher temperatures and is often used for lining furnaces. However there was a problem with the site. As you can see the cliffs behind are steep and there was no easy access to the brickworks, trust me I walked down the steep path, meaning everything had to be transported by sea. Although the site had a harbour it was subject to tides and the prevailing winds making it unsafe for ships transporting the raw materials and bricks to and from Porth Wen.

Once the First World War started Porth Wen was closed, later, some of the useful machinery was moved to Caernarfon, but some was left to the elements and has slowly rusted away.


Porth Wen is Private Property but judging by the number of photographs I have seen I’m not sure how much access restrictions are imposed. Certainly it’s not the easiest site to get to. You have to walk across some hills following the coastal path and then there is a very steep, one person wide, extremely uneven path bounded by ferns and prickly gorse for about 100 metres to the shore. Porth Wen itself is showing real signs of erosion, not only in the buildings, but also on the coast and the cliffs behind.

Porth Wen Chimney

Just to the side of where I’m standing is another chimney with a crack running from the base up to about ten foot high and as wide as about three inches, possible making the structure unsafe. As you can see the surface is uneven and I had to be careful where I put my feet, making sure I did not stand near any of the edges on the left hand side.

Porth Wen

So there you have it. I think the state of Porth Wen definitely demonstrates something that has frayed. What do you think. I would love to hear your thoughts on Porth Wen and the photographs. As usual if you wish to use any of the photographs for your own blog please feel free to do so as long as you credit me and provide a link back to Say It With A Camera.

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    1. Beautiful, isolated and could be dangerous if you don’t take care. Some of the larger buildings have cracks in the walls, there’s erosion in the cliffs above and on the paths to the buildings.

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