Who Is Karen?

Whilst I was at Parys Mountain last week I spotted this bit of graffiti etched into the Trig Marker near the tower.

I Love Karen

I wonder who Karen is? I don’t suppose we will ever find out? It got me thinking. How many times have we spotted a piece of graffiti and never given it a second thought? Sure it can be good to photograph, especially the more colourful ones. But why do people feel the need to leave their mark. maybe they’re just like us photographers and bloggers. It’s a way of expressing themselves.

But it still does not answer the question? Who is Karen? My thoughts. I think Karen has a love of the outdoors, after all why etch her name into something if she’s not there to see it? At the time she was young, probably quite fit, but could be any age now. Probably Welsh, we are on Anglesey. What do you think? I’d love to hear your description of Karen.

4 thoughts on “Who Is Karen?

  1. I can’t begin to imagine who Karen was/is. Maybe a young rebellious type, hippie-fied, (I made that up) outdoorsy teenager about 40-50 years ago;.Liked herself more than she thought about what impact defacing objects has on the overall scene. Looks as if the name has been there for a while.


  2. We can only imagine Yvonne. I like your description of Karen more than mine, but I don’t think Karen defaced the Trig Marker, it was someone who professed to love her.


  3. I like to think the earliest cave dwellers were the original graffitti artists.
    I think we all want to leave a “scratch on the wall” and blogging is the newest surface for man’s oldest “trend.”
    So who was Karen? someone like us!


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