Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Sorry this one has to be short this week as I’m off to Anglesey in the morning. I was thinking about this weeks challenge and thought these two photographs might meet the brief

Olympic Football

Couple of years back we had the Olympics here in the UK and whilst most of it was held in London, some of the football was hosted by Manchester United at Old Trafford. One of the approaches to Old Trafford is along a suburban street and I wonder what the people living in those houses do when there is a match day. Maybe they get free tickets? What about parking?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

    1. Taken with a little point and shoot camera, Yvonne. They were being really strict about using any type of professional looking camera, both at the Olympic games in London and at the events outside. Trying to protect their brand I suppose. Anyway I decided it was not worth risking the Pentax so just took along the little Samsung I have. Great little camera, picture quality wise, but limited in what you can do with it.


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