Araneus Diadematus

I’m still experimenting with the Olympus and it’s extensive menu and  yesterday I found this feature called Digital Teleconverter which seems to add a 2x magnification to any lens you use. So where better to try it than my garden and the numerous spiders that seem to be inhabiting many parts of it.

Spider, Spider

This is a female Garden Spider, Araneus Diadematus, which spins orb webs across pathways, between trees and shrubs. It has a distinctive cross mark on the abdomen and because of this it is sometimes it is called the “Cross Spider”. Can you see why? An adult female can grow to about 15mm (body length) and this makes it one of the largest of our spiders. Males by comparison are much smaller at about 9mm. For those who don’t use metric 15mm is slightly larger than half an inch. At this time of the year they are common in British gardens, I have five that I know about, but, by November there will be none as the first frost kills them.

Anyway, back to this Digital Teleconverter. I’ve never been a fan of digital zoom but this seems to be different. The image is sharp, there’s a great depth of field, over nearly all of the spider. The background is blurred, isolating the spider in all of it’s glory. I could see myself using this again for close-up work.

6 thoughts on “Araneus Diadematus

  1. You gotta love a spider that looks that good in a close up. Your lens for this pic really delivered. I can see every little speck and hairy part of this one. I haven’t seen very many spiders this year. All insects seemed to be in fewer numbers. Strange indeed.


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