Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

How many times have I said “no photograph is worth taking chances for”? Yet today I broke my golden rule and paid the price for it. This weeks challenge is to show our interpretation of descent and I can do that in more ways than one.

Llanberis Pass

The Llanberis Pass descends from Pen-y-Pass to Llanberis and flowing down through the pass for about 6km is the Afon Nant Peris which has it’s source at Pen-y-Pass (359m) and finally ends at Llyn Peris (105m). And this is where I broke my golden rule. Stupidly I decided to step onto some rocks to get a better view down the river before taking another photograph. I slipped, straight down, flat on my face, my camera came up to hit my sunglasses, forcing them into my eye area. Fortunately my camera seems fine, but I have a bruise the size of an egg and the best shade of eye-shadow a man could ever want.


Not pretty at all. I’m sore all over and all because I was stupid enough to break my own golden rule. So there you have it……descent in more ways than one.



  1. Not sure to hit the like button but am wishing you well.
    The photo is lovely.
    Sorry you got such a bump and bruise but amazed camera okay. Take care


  2. Horror of all horrors. i;m glad you came out of your “descent” with only a bad bruise. You might well have gotten some broken limbs. But the photo is a real beauty. I’m sure it was not worth it to you but it is an excellent shot of the landscape.


  3. Ouch. I hurt my pride and happily little else once. I tried to photograph a dipper and lost my footing mid stream. I went in, shallow but cold. Luckily I had a change of clothes in the car. Your bruise looks nasty. I hope it is nothing worse.


    • Got the all clear this morning from A&E Andrew. Soft tissue bruising around the eye caused by my glasses impacting the eye area and X-Ray confirmed there are no broken or chipped bones in my leg


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