Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Oh my! Oh my! Another one of those WordPress Photo Challenge themes that is so open to interpretation. I mean what makes a photograph fall into the minimalist genre? Look on the web and you will see hundreds of definitions for minimalism, many of them similar, but some at the opposite ends of the spectrum/ Who’s to say which one is right. As a primarily landscape photographer can I practice Minimalism in my art? Up until now I’ve never thought about it but I would almost go as far as saying no. Landscapes are too rich in detail to be minimalist, or are they?

The Beach

Way back in 2007 I took this photograph on our local beach. It was at a time when I was really starting to experiment with my photography. I’d moved from a little Point and Shoot camera to a more expensive bridge camera which mimicked a DSLR except for the ability to change lenses. I took this photograph because I liked the leading line of the posts and the reflections on the wet sand after the tide had gone out. Did I think about it being Minimalist? No. Is it Minimalist? You tell me. “Say It With A Camera” has 2314 followers and I would hazard a guess that if everyone replied to my question “Is it Minimalist” I would probably get a 50/50 split.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

    1. Yet funnily enough this is a very busy beach. There are always kite flyers and wind carts on the beach, It’s very popular with dog walkers all year round and in summertime they hold events on this stretch of the beach. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment


  1. I do think landscape photography can include minimalism. There are busy landscapes, and those that are serene and lacking in a lot of distraction. Well, here we go…is that minimalism? I do love your photo and definitely think it qualifies in the minimalist category.
    Thanks for the pingback!


  2. Yes I think it definately should be considered minimalist, it has the strong subject, neutral tones and lots of negative space. Nicely done 🙂


  3. Hello Yvonne. Looks like that’s the consensus, but you know, I still have my doubts. Maybe it’s because I hate interpreting something that seems so wishy-washy.


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