Converge – It’s In The Lines

This weeks challenge is to submit a photograph where objects converge. It could be people, lines in architecture, or maybe a road disappearing into the distance. The cloisters at Paisley Abbey in Scotland fits into this category. Don’t you think?

Regular readers will have noticed that I have changed the blog theme for Say It With A Camera. This is prompted by the fact that I am now hosting my blog photographs on 500px as a result of an announcement by Yahoo who own Flickr that they were going to start selling Creative Commons Licensed photographs. Admittedly they say it will not affect CC licensed as Non-Commercial but going on past performance I’m not so sure. If anyone is going to monetize my photographs it will be me and that is why with regret I have to announce that from today any future photographs that appear on Say It With A Camera will no longer have a Creative Commons License. Instead they will be Copyright ©Mike Hardisty 2014 – All Rights Reserved. I have not taken this step lightly, and to be honest I have been considering it for some time. I suppose I just needed this push to get me going.

When I first started as a photographer I always maintained the copyright of my photographs. In later years I found it was difficult to chase up illegal use of my photographs, and there were lots. In some cases I used DMCA Take Down quite successfully, in others I had to threaten legal action, all time-consuming. I’d rather be out taking photographs so I made the decision to change the licensing of my photographs to Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial. In the last year though I have sold several photographs privately and been paid for my work with the Sacred Doorways project. This has made me realise that my work could be commercially viable. Maybe not in vast numbers but the odd commission wouldn’t go amiss.

Of course I am still open to free licensing options. The difference is that now permission must be sought and I will consider it on a case by case basis.

I would love to hear thoughts on this, good or bad, so please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Converge – It’s In The Lines

  1. The photo is beautiful as usual. I’ve written before and I’ll write it again- I like all your work. I have wondered why you went to the creative Commons thing. People steal from that too don’t they or was it just harder to filch photos and down load them and then print them out to be used as wall art?

    Anyhow if I were a photographer as good as you, I surely would be trying to sell my work, You have wonderful pics and If I were younger and had the kind of home that would show case your photos, I would surely be buying some of your work. I think the churches and cathedrals are magnificent.


    1. They probably steal more from CC the copyrighted material. In a naive way I thought CC might give me more exposure, Yvonne, but on reflection I was wrong. I had been thinking about switching back but Yahoo’s latest trick was the deciding factor for me. Previously photographs that I loaded to my blog were not big enough to print as wall art. They still are not because 500px only embeds a 900 pixel wide image. Following the link takes you to the full size image on 500px and of course the opportunity to license the photograph.

      If you ever see any photographs, from now on, that you really like, just let me know. I can send you the original full size photograph quite happily.

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