Goodbye Zemanta

For years I have used Zemanta to suggest Related Articles for my blog post and it has always served me well. Mainly I look for other WordPress bloggers who are taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenges and include them as Related Articles. Usually Zemanta would return links to about twenty or thirty weekly challenge participants and I would choose the ones I liked to add to my blog.  Recently though it has no longer been returning the results I want and gradually I have been seeing less and less results from Zemanta.

For example, whilst I have been writing this article Zemanta has suggested the following Related Articles to me

  1. Summer Days :: Lately on Instagram
  2. We Crawled in Each Others Skin for Game Nights
  3. Happy Holidays from Cul-de-sac Cool!
  4. Most anticipated movies of 2015
  5. Krishna Adisesha Appeared in the Sky ?

All of them are obviously relevant to this post. Even using the search term “WordPress Weekly Challenge” doesn’t return any hits. So reluctantly I am going to remove the Zemanta plugin from my browser. Why keep something that isn’t working?

Sure WordPress has the facility to insert Related Articles but I have never found the articles they supply relevant to my blog articles.

So if you know a browser plugin that can suggest Related Articles for a blog I’d love to hear about it.

9 replies to “Goodbye Zemanta

  1. I’ve noticed similar behaviour from the Zemanta plugin too, although not quite as extreme as you have. I thought it was just me, but now you’ve mentioned it I think I might try and find something else that works the way Zemanta used to. BTW it was Zemanta that offered me your post as a related article!


  2. Hey Mike,

    I have read your blog post and although I must agree that we still need to improve the relevancy of our articles from around the web…unfortunately I can’t seem to replicate your issue when you try to search for example “weekly photo challenge”. These are the results I get: . Hopefully you will give it another try, if not, no worries – I just wanted to say that we are sorry to see you go, all the best and happy blogging!


    1. I have tried and tried Petra. I really don’t know why you are getting returns that seem to be relevant and I am not but it seems I am not alone as James Kemp has commented here about the same problem


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