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It’s 2015 and WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is New. I’m struggling, I have to admit. It’s morning and right now I’m sitting in my office trying to think of something to write. The house is quiet, even “Grumpy Old Man” hasn’t stirred from his bed yet. He’s nice and warm lying under a radiator. Outside the wind is howling, it’s grey and dark, looks like we are in for another stormy day. But so far winter has been kind to us although we seem to be getting an awful lot of grey and miserable days not conducive to photography. Am I suffering from writers block…or maybe it’s photographers block? I’ve not been out with the camera since last year……

Ogwen Valley

….and this was one of the last photographs I took last year. A panorama of the lower Ogwen Valley, in the Snowdonia National Park. Comprising of four photographs stitched together using Photoshop’s Merge command. Something new for me. As you can see we’ve had a light dusting of snow but down in the valley it’s still clear. I particularly like this because the sun was low in the sky to my left, throwing some great shadows, whilst highlighting other parts of the valley.

Our plan for that day was to take advantage of the natural light and walk up to Cwm Idwal, hoping to get some good photographs on the way. Seems like we were not alone. The car park was full and all along the roadside there were lots of cars parked. Lots of people had decided to get out and blow the cobwebs off after Christmas and with the day being a really clear day, with mild temperatures, where better to go than the Snowdonia National Park.

Walking to Cwm Idwal is probably one of the easiest walks in the National Park. Right at the start, there’s a great little waterfall, created when the Afon Idwal drops down the valley on it’s way to meet the Afon Ogwen. It’s probably one of the most photographed waterfalls in Snowdonia. It’s certainly in my opinion one of the easiest to get to. At the moment the fall isn’t that strong. Once that snow melts it gets in full torrent, covering all of those rocks.

Afon Idwal Waterfall

It’s suitable for families, there’s a recognised path and once you get there the view is magnificent, you can see the whole length of the Ogwen Valley.

Ogwen Valley Panorama

Starting from the right, there’s Tryfan, then Llyn Ogwen, that big one in the middle is Pen yr Ole Wen, then the lower Ogwen Valley, where I took the first photograph, and finally a mountain I can never remember the name of.

Meanwhile what of Cwm Idwal. Looking cold, especially with snow on the surrounding mountains. There is a path all the way round for those who want that extra walk. The more serious walkers will also tackle the paths and climbs leading them to the tops of the mountains. Indeed we saw some guys with ropes and ice-axes heading round the lake. Not for me….

Cwm Idwal

Di I cover new? Probably not. But there again WordPress challenges are always down to interpretation. See you next week.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: New

  1. No matter the weather, you always deliver excellent and beautiful scenes. These might not be to your liking but all of these are new perspectives of the park. The weather sounds dismal bu then that’s winter is about.

    The days here in Texas have been cold and dull and then the sun comes out and warms things up and then we’re back to cold and windy..


  2. I’ve been in the National park in all sorts of weather Yvonne. Only a few days after these photographs were taken I was back at the waterfall. Driving rain/sleet and high winds made for an uncomfortable time. When one of our party nearly get blown off the path we decided it wasn’t safe to continue to the lake so turned back.


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