Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Boot Sector Not Found”. That terrible moment when you realise that the whizzy whizzy thing with the flashing lights sitting in the corner has just become an expensive brick. Now it’s been a while since I got my hands dirty in the innards of a computer but it looks like I have no choice here.

 Achtung! Alles Lookenspeepers

Das computermachine ist nicht fuer gefingerpoken und mitten grabbe. Ist easy schnappen der springen werk,blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht fuer gewerken bei das dumpkopfen. Das rubbernecken sichtseeren keepen das cotten-pickenen hans in das pockets muss; relaxen und watchen das blinkenlichten.

Michael J. Preston recites the gem as being posted above photocopiers in offices as a warning not to mess with the machine in the first print reference from 1974. The sign is also reported to have been seen on an electron microscope at the Cavendish Laboratory in the 1950s. Source Wikipedia

What has this got to do with Shadowed, the subject for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge? Absolutely nothing. Just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to this week…and yes I have fixed the problem.


On Saturday I was in Liverpool for a photowalk around the city. That’s me right in the bottom centre of the photograph. Why Black and White? I’ve been experimenting recently with his medium and I quite like it.

All amateurs…think they have to have the sun at their backs. You’ll find this is wrong: If you get the sun to one side and catch the shadows, you get a ‘Rembrandt-lighted’ picture with good contrasts. – Frank Jay Haynes

Fortunately, in the late afternoon as the sun was starting to set it was in the right position to my side, casting these really long shadows. Choosing Black an White instead o colour has emphasised the shadows more.

As always, your comments are appreciated and I try to answer everyone with twenty four hours. It doesn’t always happen in that time but I will respond to all comments good or bad.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

  1. I’m glad you fixed the problem Mike. Thats when you learn the value of back-ups. Were you on Matt Hart’s walk? I like the photo. Rules are meant to be broken. I even photograph into the sun sometimes. And the B&W rocks.


  2. Yes Andrew, with Matt Hart. Cold blustery day, some snow and sleet, but well worth it. Suffered later though. I’m used to walking but Liverpool really hurt my feet.


  3. Quite an impressive building. You never fail to meet that photo challenge even if you are out in the cold. That is real dedication. Those long shadows certainly work here and I’m, a fan of B&W- always have been. It lends more depth and drama no matter the subject.


    1. Rather nice day for skies Kathy, We had some sleet and snow during the day but with strong winds those skies cleared through and then we got big white puffy clouds.


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