52 in 2015 Week 5 Song or Book

This weeks 52 is to make a photograph fit a song, book or the words from either. Maybe it’s the other way round? I mean you can take any photograph and I’m sure you will be able to find something that will fit. Anyway you can submit one photograph for judging and one to the group photo pool in any week. Previously I have only show the photograph that I have submitted for judging but this week I will show you both.

52 in 2015 Week 5 Song Or Book

The weather has been cold and I know the mountains in the National Park are covered in snow again. Some roads have been closed so I’m staying on the coast this week. Although it’s not obvious from the photograph there was a bitter cold northerly wind blowing on the beach, straight off the sea, so I didn’t intend hanging around to take photographs. I’ve spoken about Talacre lighthouse before so I won’t say anything about it, other than a lot more rocks have been exposed around the base due to winter storms. Unusually for me I’m not shooting for HDR. The Olympus is able to handle the light conditions and since I have got it I’ve been trying to wean myself off shooting HDR for landscapes.

Oh! I never said what song I have made this photograph fit. Well “The Lighthouse”, written by Ronnie Hinson, is one of Southern Gospel Music’s Greatest Hits according to a website devoted to Southern Gospel Music lyrics. See how easy it is to make a photograph fit.

Ten Green Bottles” is a song that is popular in the United Kingdom. In essence, the song is a single verse repeated, each time with one bottle fewer:

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall,
Ten green bottles hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
There’ll be nine green bottles hanging on the wall.
Source Wikipedia

52 in 2015 Week 5 Song or Book

OK! This is stretching it a bit but it’s sort of green. I know it’s not hanging on a wall but it is one bottle and that is in the lyrics. Like I said it’s easy to make a photograph fit a theme.

Two photographs; which one would you submit for judging?

6 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 5 Song or Book

  1. Probably the lighthouse as it will probably play better with the judges but who knows. I suspect the bottle could be rendered in monochrome and classed as fine art! It may also have the edge in being different and standing out. I guess it’s a lottery!

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    1. I went for the lighthouse in the end Andrew, Same thoughts as you. There’s no prizes or anything like that, just the Kudos that one of your photographs was in the top 3 as voted by those taking part in the 52 challenge


  2. Nothing better than the lighhouse. I like all the various photos of Talacre lighthouse that you have posted on your blog. And, I’m glad that you are going to be using less HDR shooting/editing of landscapes.

    One thing to add is that I am surprised that you are familiar with Southern Gospel Music. I like gospel a lot but not all of it. Much of what I like depends on the song and how it is rendered. Are you familiar with Mahalia Jackson? She was popular many years ago and I have a few of her LPs.


  3. I’m not that familiar with Gospel Yvonne, although I like the odd song or two. Stems from a trip I did a long time ago, when we were in the USA, to the historic Savannah theatre to watch a show. It was a mixed bag of musicians but a girl singing what I later found out to be Southern Gospel absolutely made the night for me.

    It was a great trip. Flew into Florida (Sanford Airport). Picked up the hire car and then two days at St Augustine, then onto Amelia island, with a quick trip to Cumberland Island before driving to Charleston for a few days. Then back to Savannah for a few more days before returning back to Orlando for a week.


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