Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

All I can do in my writing is to stimulate a certain amount of thought, clarify some technical facts and date my work. But when I preach sharpness, brilliancy, scale, etc., I am just mouthing words, because no words can really describe those terms and qualities it takes the actual print to say, “here it is.” – Ansel Adams

How right Ansel Adams was. I could tell you a lot about this weeks challenge photograph but you have to really see it to get the size of the house. It’s small, really small, compare it to the one next door and you will see what I mean.

Little Red House
Yet, it’s not a curiosity. Sure, it’s now a big tourist attraction, well it is to anyone visiting Conwy, but someone actually did live here at one time. Nowadays you can visit pay your £1 and have a look inside. You are not allowed on the upper floor, yes there is one, due to “elfin safety” excuse the pun. However you can stand on a step-ladder and look up.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

  1. And I thought you were going to photograph some Czerny exercises! Its hard to imagine anybody living there. How do they get through the door? It looks so low and narrow.

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    1. When I was researching the house Andrew i found the last person to live in the house was a local fisherman called Robert Jones (who also happened to be 6 foot 3). That was around about the 1900’s

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    1. I have an extensive library of photographs I have taken over the years, Yvonne, which makes it easy to find a photograph to fit the theme. All of my photographs are catalogued by year, month, date and location e.g. (2008 10 30 Conwy Valley). I also tag them so I can search for lighthouse or sunset etc. It’s the only way to be able to find anything.

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