Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

I’m not a symmetrical kind of photographer. Usually I look for unusual angles, especially in architecture. When I photograph in churches, and I’ve photographed a lot of them, it’s rare for me to do one straight down the aisle. I’ll normally move off to one side and then take the photograph at an angle across the pews. Sort of like this one….

Gloucester Cathedral

Well there is the odd exception to my rule and this is one of them. Mainly because of that line of stones running all the way to the door at the end which creates a nice “leading line”. This weeks post is a bit of a challenge. Can you guess where I am? If I told you the building featured in some of the Harry Potter movies would you be any the wiser?

Want a clue? Scenes from the first two Harry Potter movies were shot here? Another one? This building has been a place of worship for over 1300 years. Still none the wiser? OK! Here’s another one….this building is in the same county where an annual cheese rolling race down a hill is located.

Over to you. If you know where I am leave a comment. If you don’t know and want to find out Google is your friend in this case. Seriously though if you want to find out leave a comment or contact me and I’ll let you know.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

  1. i really love this shot and, like you i, i would more often stand to one side. i don’t want to resort to google, but i think it might be somewhere in gloucestershire?


  2. The church is beautiful as usual. The long hall/ aisle seems to go on and on. I’m not a Harry Potter fan but the church being that old must be somewhere in England- but that is merely a deduction on my part. And, the church looks similar to those that you posted on your blog in the past.

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