52 of 2015 Week 9 This Is Me

This weeks challenge is once again taking me out of my comfort zone, which in a way, is a good thing, I suppose. Whilst I’m happy to be behind the camera I have previously made sure I’m rarely in front. Recently though I’ve had to use myself as a model for several portrait challenges and whilst I’m still uncomfortable I’m slowly getting used to being on the “wrong” side of the lens.

There are good reasons for using oneself as a model(…)of course: your model is the most intriguing and puzzling person in the whole world;(…)you’re always available; you’re cheap; no explanations are needed(…); you don’t have to keep the model happy; and the model gets tired, and wants to stop, at exactly the same moment as you do. – Julian Flynn

This week I decided to combine my self-portrait with a background stock photograph to give me a composite image. I used to create quite a lot of composite images when I first started using Photoshop but over time I have let that skill drop – a lot.

52 of 2015 Week 9 This Is Me

This one is pretty simple, I haven’t spent a lot of time on it but over time I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed creating composite images. You may see some more over the coming weeks, especially if I don’t go out that much due to the crappy weather we keep having.

14 thoughts on “52 of 2015 Week 9 This Is Me

  1. Your smile transcends the photo image. I am like you always thinking … who wants to see me …. but in reality we make the best model to shine our work. Great photo … and … without seeming disrespectful great warmth coming our way. : )

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  2. It’s nice to see the man behind the photos!
    I did a composite photo a while back that was me, holding a frame with a different picture of me, and that me was also holding a frame with another photo of me… there were five me’s altogether. It was fun to photoshop!

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    1. I did a composite of “me” a long time ago. Four of “me” sitting around a table playing cards. I’m still not comfortable being in front of the lens. Maybe I’m frightened of losing “my soul”


  3. Aah, bless! At least you got to choose an image you feel reasonably comfortable with. Far worse when your so-called nearest & dearest snap you at less than your best and post it facebook or similar!

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