52 of 2015 Week 11 Abstract

There’s nothing like being out in the rain with your camera. As I said in last weeks 52 in 2015 post, the weather has been conspiring against me for weeks now, or so it seems. On the days that I’m free, we get wind and rain, when I’m busy and can’t get away, lovely blue skies with wispy clouds. And so it was like that last week. Well not exactly, The day started off as a lovely spring morning, perfect for photography. I could feel a trip to Newborough Forest coming on to visit the rare Red Squirrels. Fifty minutes later I was pulling into the car park just as the heavens opened. A totally wasted journey. Well not quite. Undaunted I decided to have a walk through the forest anyway, never saw a squirrel. come to think of it I hardly saw any birds either.

But success! I did manage to capture two usable photographs for the 52 challenge

52 in 2015 Week 11 Abstract

Walking through the forest I found an oily brackish pool of water where the raindrops were creating ripples on the surface. Perfect as an abstract photograph. My second photograph was a fern leaf which I converted to Black and White, adding a highlight to the centre of the leaf

Fern Leaves

That’s it for this week.

6 thoughts on “52 of 2015 Week 11 Abstract

  1. I like both photos but I give the award to the water. I thought it was a tree stump until I read your narrative. Rain always seems to show up at the most inopportune times. How is the weather prediction in your area or is that not a reality?

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    1. Can be very hit and miss, Yvonne. Living close to the coast and mountains means we get varying weather in both locations. Sometimes it can be beautifully sunny on the coast and cloudy and wet in the mountains. Or vice versa. Wales is known for being wet, that’s why we have so many lakes. But when we get sun it’s quite beautiful and we get a lot of tourists on the coast. Winters generally aren’t too harsh. Sure we get snow in the mountains but I think I could count on one hand the number of frosty mornings I’ve experienced this winter. Generally weather predictions from the Met Office and the BBC are pretty good, sometimes the times are a bit out though. I suppose that comes with living on an island albeit a big one.

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  2. I love the sense of texture you’ve achieved with the photographs and that the shot of the water is abstract but has symmetry too. I’ve never seen a red squirrel at Newborough either, but have been out there so many times when its been calm and sunny here on ‘our’ side of the bridge and wild and windy in that corner of Anglesey! It definitely helps to have a flexible approach.

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  3. The place where the squirrels are supposed to congregate is the first car park on the right hand side as you come out of newburgh, heading towards Maltraeth.


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