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I’m way behind with this weeks challenge post. It’s Saturday, the folks at WordPress have already issued next weeks challenge and I’m still trying to get last weeks completed. Time has been conspiring against me and so I’ve had to rush this post. I’ve not been out much with the camera in the last month. A combination of factors really, but on Wednesday I managed to get to the National Slate museum for a few hours. I was actually there to take some photographs for the “52 in 2015” Challenge on Flickr but whilst I was there I managed to shoot, not literally, a few walls.


Now this might not be the most exciting wall in the world but there’s a lot of history behind it (excuse the pun). This wall is in the National Slate Museum at Llanberis. North Wales. Previously known as the Welsh Slate Museum it was once the 19th-century workshops of the now disused Dinorwic slate Quarry. The workshops were built in 1870 to serve the needs of the quarry and its locomotives.

Wandering around the workshops is a great photo opportunity, there’s so much to see and I can easily spend a good few hours here, looking at the machinery and tools which have been left behind. The windows are dusty and grimy, covered in cobwebs, to add authenticity. Not only that you get amazing light and shadows throughout all the workshop buildings, a photographers paradise. I highly recommend if you are ever in the area paying a visit to the museum. Best of all it’s free.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

  1. This is a very nice example and I like it because of the window and shadow effect. The old machinery adds a great deal of interest which always intrigues me. I love old buildings and old machines. The photo more than meets the challenge,Mike. Wales surely has affored you excellent photographic opportunities.

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  2. I love this shot, Mike. The light is fantastic, the red trim accenting the windows and the textures all come together to create a wonderful scene. Great job. And, I have never heard of a Slate Museum so I learned something. Thanks.

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    1. I love the Slate museum, They purposefully don’t clean the windows too often which gives a real grimy look. The workshops are extensive, lots of rooms you can photograph the machinery. There are also original miners cottages, equipped with items that would have been in the houses at the time. Demonstrations of splitting slate, a skilled craftsman’s job. Just behind the museum is Dinorwic Quarry which has walking trails and where some of the old buildings are still standing, albeit in a derelict state. Hard work though because you have to climb a mountain to get to all the levels.

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  3. Aww. Don’t worry. I’m way behind too. Either I have to go into the abyss of photos from many folders or I just have to wait and take “fresh”photos to catch up. Oh well!


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