52 in 2015 Week 15 Rool of Thurds

Regular readers will know my thoughts on the so-called Rool of Thurds. But the 52 challenge this week calls for Rool of Thurds so I suppose I must comply.

52 in 2015 Week 15 Rule of Thirds

Normally I would position a bird flying like this in the way you see it now. I’d move it down a bit and wouldn’t have as much space to the left hand side for it to fly into. But the Rool of Thurds is a rool I’ve got to stick to this week so that’s how I’ve cropped the photograph. Would you do different and still conform to the Rool of Thurds? Just for info there was open water all around the gull.

The next photograph is slightly better. Taken on the Albert dock in Liverpool from inside a Tapas Bar it’s the ideal way to practice a bit of street photography.

52 in 2015 Week 15 Rule of Thirds

In general it conforms to the rool, especially as far as the silhouette is concerned. The tea and coffee should maybe have been higher or lower but you can’t win them all. Although once again I’m open to suggestions.

8 thoughts on “52 in 2015 Week 15 Rool of Thurds

    1. I know, I really do hate that Rool of Thurds. One of my favourite photographs hanging on my wall has the horizon right across the centre and the main subject, a lighthouse in the centre of the photograph as well. It’s a local landmark and I’ve also sold a few prints of it as well.

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      1. That’s great! The rules are merely a guide and not something set in stone. You can go outside them and still take a great photo! Must be good if you’ve sold some prints!


  1. These are both excellent. There is no way to be perfect where the rule of thirds is concerned. I really like the bird. Beautiful. Each subject is heading into an open expanse which is supposed to draw the eye to your intended main object. The last one I gather is the man walking with his head down even though there are other objects in view the man is what caught my eye first.

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    1. yes, Yvonne, the man is the subject in this case. The young Herring Gull came quite close so I was able to photograph it pretty easy. At this time of the year they are desperate for food. Their parents almost ignore them now as they are starting to prepare for a new breeding season so the have to find it for themselves. A ship on open water is always a good option as people throw stuff over board for them. Olympus did an update to my camera’s firmware recently allowing me to better track the BIF and keep it in focus throughout. This is the first time I have really tried it and I must say I am impressed.

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