Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

I was looking through my back catalogue today and realised that I have only one or two sunrise photographs but loads of sunsets. That got me to thinking, why? The answer is simple. I don’t do mornings. Or to be more precise I don’t do photography in the mornings. With a sunset it’s predictable. You can see if you are going to get a good one by looking at the sky, seeing the cloud formations and in my case looking at the horizon to see if the sun will be blocked by mist or low-lying cloud out to sea.

You only get one sunrise and one sunset a day, and you only get so many days on the planet. A good photographer does the math and doesn’t waste either. – Galen Rowell

So why don’t I go for the sunrises. Mainly because it’s unpredictable. You don’t know what you are going to get until the sun actually starts to rise. I’d hate to get up at dark o’clock only to find that I can’t see the stars because the sky is totally overcast. If it’s like that I’m not going to see any sunrise that’s for sure.

But just occasionally I have been up early with the camera and managed to capture something….


A good few years back I was staying in the Yanchep National Park, near Two Rocks, Western Australia. Although not quite sunrise it was early in the morning, you can tell by the long shadows of the trees. Beautifully calm and no one about. That’s how I like it for photography. Don’t you?

Anyway my second photograph was also taken in the National Park. I just like the line of boats all tied up waiting for someone to use them.

Blue Boats.jpg

Right, now that the building work is finished and I’ve completed the decoration of the new kitchen and dining room I might be able to spend more time on the blog. I missed last weeks challenge, there was just too much on but thankfully we are almost back to normal. Well not quite. I’ve still both sets of decking to clean and then renew the protective coat. New wooden garden furniture also has to be treated before we can start using it but I’m getting there….

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

    1. I just can’t see the point Becky. I know a gang of photographers who got up early, climbed a mountain and where shrouded in mistjust as the sun started to rise..


    2. true about sunrises, sunsets on the other hand can be more predictable as you have the whole day to observe the weather and can usually predict how things are going to turn out later int he day 🙂


  1. Both shots are really nice. Beautiful park- looks so serene early in the am. I’ve only gotten up one time to photograph a sunrise and then there was nothing. As you have written it is so unpredictable and I’m not a morning person anyhow.

    I know your renovations are going to give you and your wife pride in achieving a new look. I’m sure you’ll utter a huge sigh of relief when it’s complete.

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    1. It was very quiet there Yvonne, I think we were the only people staying in the lodge. Bit eerie at night as well. We came back from a restaurant just outside the park. As we got out of teh car we could see all these moving shapes nearby. A load of Kangaroos, they were all over the park. Frightening at first but we got used to them.

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  2. Hi Mike- Beautiful long shadows. I’m not an early bird either, but I will say that the times I force myself to get up, I have been greatly rewarded! A couple of duds, but generally the light is amazing in some way. Thanks for sharing my post above. Appreciate it.

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  3. I don’t do a lot of sunrises either, for the same reason – not a fan of dark o’clock. However, I am fortunate because November to January quite often produces spectacular skies, but they run from 7.30 – 8.30am. Those I can handle! – Suzan –

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  4. I’ve got dark o’clock tomorrow. Got to drop someone off at the airport at 2am. Thought I’d go into the city after and do some night with no one around


  5. Lovely images that convey a real sense of tranquility. I know what you mean about mornings, but there’s something magical about witnessing the dawn of a new day, even if it arrives without drama. I did it more living in Spain when you have to get out early to beat the heat, especially if you’re going to watch birds.


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