Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Just when we thought the weather had changed for the better we’re back to wintry conditions again. Not good considering I’ve got an early morning photography trip planned for tomorrow. When I say early morning I mean 3;30am. I’m dropping someone off at Manchester Airport so I thought I’d take advantage and spend a good few hours until sunrise at Salford Quays. There are a lot of buildings along with bridges which are lit up so I should get some great nigh time photographs.

Anyway to this weeks challenge. I had a think about it and decided to show some photographs from an air show I attended some time ago.

Wing Walking

First up is the Breitling Wing Walkers. They always put on a great show and it fascinates me that the two females can stay there and not have a hair out-of-place. Maybe they glue it down? Seriously though to perform whilst the aircraft is being thrown about the sky is amazing and all I can say is they must have very strong stomachs. I know I would be having a conversation with Huey if I was in their place.

Why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly serviceable plane is another one of the wonders from the aviation world. Yet some people take great delight in doing it. Not only that they show-off on the way down……

Showing The Flag

…and what about these guys.

Fly By

OK so you’re a good pilot…but do you really have to play chicken with another good pilot? I mean these guys are close but I’m sure they have rehearsed this manoeuvre time and time again.

Well that’s it for this week. As usual feel free to comment, I’ll always reply.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

  1. These are excellent photos. That was quite an airshow. I’m fascinated with airplanes but will not, for any reason, fly in one. Period. As I tell people, “I don’t do planes, trains, or ships.”

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    1. Hi Yvonne. I don’t mind planes, goodnss knows I spent enough years travelling the world in them. Trains, at a pinch, but the UK train service is probably one of the worst in Europe since they privatised it. As to boats, you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming. If we travel to France I prefer to use the Channel Tunnel. OK, it’s a train but you sit in your car whilst the train takes you to France.


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