Sunrise At Talacre

After the early morning trip to the Airport I was standing outside Media City in Salford Quays at 03:30 in the morning taking night photographs. More on that in another post. On the way home it looked like I was going to miss what was looking like a really good sunrise and I was cursing myself for leaving Media City so late.

But as luck would have it, although the sky was starting to lighten, it still hadn’t started to colour the sky and I was starting to think that my post a few weeks back about unpredictable sunrises was coming true.

Anyway I decided to detour to the beach, just in case. I’m glad I did. I mean look at this.

Talacre Sunrise

What more could I ask for, beautiful colours and I was able to keep the lighthouse in silhouette.

Better still the tide was out and I was able to get this reflection as well.

Sunrise at Talacre

By now I was really cold, an hour and a half spent at Media City in the early morning, coupled with my hour on the beach and it was time to go home.

All I can say is I’m lucky to have seen this and I’m glad I took the decision to detour.

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